Music Composer

Sound Designer

I'm a sound manipulator, a curious observer, an insatiable experimenter.

I always try to push the boundaries of narration and sound production.

Giorgio Carlino was born in Catania, Italy, in 1991. His musical journey begins listening to the whole vinyl collection of his father. At the age of 10, he starts taking piano lessons and, during the high school period, he joins many different bands that allow him to learn the connotations of several music genres and the correlated cultures.

Then, he attends the Music Production course at Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale in Saluzzo, thanks to which he starts an internship at Studio Soundlab in Bologna - a production studio specialised in jazz and ethnic music. In the meantime, he starts to collaborate with the videogame development team Maggese as a composer and sound designer.

Eventually, he moves to Manchester and starts studying Popular Music and Recording at the University of Salford. During this period, he works on the music of several short films and feature-length films, such as “Fuoco Freddo” and “Come Cenere” – both premiered at the Laceno d’oro International Film Festival – and the interactive soundtrack for the videogame “Don’t Make Love”, finalist at the Independent Game Festival in San Francisco, at the Italian Video Game Award in Milan, and at the A Maze Festival in Berlin.

After his graduation, he works as an assistant audio engineer on the documentary film "The Republics" by Huw Whal, nominated for the NEXT:WAVE Award at the CPH:DOX Festival, and he is selected for the New Creatives North commission, co-funded by BBC Arts and Arts Council England. The commission has been recently showcased at the Push Festival 2020 in Manchester. He also publishes the debut EP “Opera Prima” for his solo electronic/experimental project Metanoia.



Video Showcase

Sound Redesign Breakdown

Fable 3 Sword Spell

Recording, design, and mix: Giorgio Carlino

Sound Design Breakdown

Fire Demon Roar

Recording, design, and mix: Giorgio Carlino



Best of 21​-​Day Composition Challenge

My selection of the best themes I composed for the 21-Day Composition Challenged, organized by VGM Academy.


Sound Design Showreel

This short demo displays the linear re-sonorization of four cinematic clips. I used Reaper as D.A.W. and several plugins (Soundtoys, iZotope, NI) to design and mix the sound effects.

Composition Showreel

In this short video are presented some of the themes I composed for indie movies or university projects. All the pieces were produced on Reaper, using professional sound libraries and plugins (NI, Soundtoys, Waves, Spitfire, Xfer, etc).

Unreal Shooter Demo  (Game Sample)

Sound design, mix: Giorgio Carlino

Unreal integration: Giorgio Carlino

The Fractures in Your Mind

Client: Maggese games

Sound design, mix: Giorgio Carlino

Wwise integration: Giorgio Carlino

Fuoco Freddo

Client: Alessandro Guerriero (director)

Music, sound design: Giorgio Carlino

Stereo and 5.1 mix: Giorgio Carlino

Selections: Laceno D'oro, Lift-Off Global Network

The Republics

Client: Huw Wahl (director)

Dialogue editor: Giorgio Carlino

Dialogue mix: Giorgio Carlino

Nomination: CPH:DOX

Don't Make Love - Adaptive Music

Client: Maggese games

Composition, recording, mixing: Giorgio Carlino

FMOD integration: Giorgio Carlino

Nominations: IGF, A Maze, Italian Game Awards

Collapse//Collide - Adaptive Music

Client: Jon Wimpeney (game director)

Composition, recording, mix: Giorgio Carlino

FMOD integration: Giorgio Carlino

Where music production meets sound design techniques

Metanoia is an electronic solo project born of the need to experiment, to push the boundaries of compositional structures and production techniques. The music is produced decontextualizing ordinary instruments such as voice, piano, or guitar from their classic role and placing them into new sound realities.


Intricated and unconventional effects chains, old and damaged tapes, sound manipulation techniques are a few of the tools used to create his debut EP "Opera Prima", released in 2019 on all the major online services. In 2020, during the world quarantine, he releases Lost in Isolation, an ambient neo-classical piece that translates into music all the sensations and emotions resulting from the strict lockdown

From an Ancient Greek word (μετάνοια), the meaning of metanoia is "changing one's mind" and this is the essence of his compositional approach: continuously changing his mind, style, voice.

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